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A woman took to Instagram yesterday, claiming that she was carrying Bow Wow's baby - and then she claims that she aborted it.

The astonishing claims came from an Instagram account - which contained pics of a model named Jasmonique. The account had more than 31,000 followers.

The woman posted a picture of a sonogram on Instagram, and claimed that was proof that she was pregnant with Bow Wow's child. And the woman made other claims.

In the Instagram post, she said: "I've been quiet about being pregnant because I didn't;t want my baby's father Bow Wow to know." She also claims that she's "Been lying to protect [Bow Wow] from this situation, and [he's] only done half of what needs to be done."

So what is the other half of the things that Bow Wow has to do - well it looks like she wants money. The woman added, "You know I'm behind with things because of this baby."

Here is the post, where the woman makes the claims:


Here are the images from the account:

Bow Wow is currently starring on the new season of Growing Up Hip Hop.