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Instagram Model FINESSES Bow Wow . . . Gets 500K More Followers . . . By Dating Him!!


Bow Wow's new "girlfriend" Kiyomi Leslie was popular BEFORE her rapper/actor man started posting her pics on social media - but she's MUCH MORE POPULAR now. And some are asking the question - did she just FINESSE Bow Wow??

In fact, when the two first started kicking it a few weeks ago, Kiyomi had 500k fewer followers. She managed to FINESSE THE HECK out of Bow Wow - and upped her social media following dramatically.



And her social media following is bigger than ever. MTO News learned that her DMs are full of NBA players and rappers. And from what we hear - she might not be with Bow Wow for much longer.

Here are some more pics of the beauty:

Kioymi is 27 years old, and according to reports her popularity has risen over the past two years thanks to connections to stars in her personal life and her urban modeling pics. As for her career moves, she served as a guest host for the Atlanta radio show, The Durtty Boyz Show, on Hot 107.9 FM. 

Besides that other reports say that "not much has been made public about her family. But reports also say that her brother, David, worked as a bodyguard for John Wall, the Washington Wizards point guard." The social media star also spoke about her father in an interview, saying that aside from her uncle, she was mostly influenced by women during her childhood. 

We found out that, "Leslie’s father is locked up and serving life in prison for possession and intent to sell cocaine. He has already served over 20 years behind bars."