A beautiful Instagram model just came out - and confessed to living with HIV. Dawn Estelle Archer is a fitness model with more than 200,000 followers. While most of her fans are women - many of her followers are men, who salivate at the pics she posts of her exercising.

Dawn is a fitness instructor, author and body positive advocate. She motivates her fans and followers to try a cleaner diet, provides inspirational messages, and of course - posts exercise pics.

The 32-year-old model used to be overweight, depressed addicted to eating not-so-healthy food. She turned her life around, and her body too,

Well, now she's hoping to put a new face on HIV.

Last week, she gave an interview where she confirmed rumors that were spreading about her online, that she is HIV positive.

Here is the link to the video of her confirming that she's HIV positive

Here is what I being reported:

“But outside of nutrition and fitness, Archer is also looking to be a source of knowledge and comfort for those who have HIV. She was diagnosed with it in 2017, and for a time, didn’t know how she was going to go on."

However, through faith and with the help of homeopathic healers, she has moved out of a very dark place and is focused on doing what is necessary to heal her body. That includes eating as healthy as possible to put it in an alkaline state.”

Here are some pics of her: