Celina Powell, an Instagram model who has been romantically linked to multiple hip hop artists, is now making some explosive claims against R&B singer, Trey Songz.

Celina claims that Trey Songz "kidnapped her" - but her story sounds very fishy.

Celina is probably best known for LYING about being impregnated by Offset while he was married to Cardi B. She's also been caught lying while attempting to expose rappers whom she "cheated" with.

Now according Celina, she and her friend (who apparently got the plug in Miami to get inside of clubs) ran into Trey inside a Miami nightclub. When they approached him, Trey who also knows Celina demanded that both of them give him their cellphones.

Celina and her pal were then escorted by his team to his bus (filled with other girls), where they were driven to a strip club. 

At one point, Celina and her 18 year old companion attempted to ask Trey Songz for their phones back - and claim that Trey barked at them telling them to "shut the fuck up bitch". 

And Celina claims that Trey was also violent with her - choking her and slamming her against the wall of the strip club. 

But despite his "violence" at the club, both girls agreed to go to his apartment afterwards.

After their arrival to the apartment, Celina's friend claims that while she was sitting on the couch she saw Trey Songz leading Celina to the bathroom and locking her inside. Eventually was able to assist Celina and get her friend out.

Then Trey told Celina that she is "bad for the community" and said to her, "you been playing games with all of the celebrities." He also accused her of catfishing Chris Brown which she "denied". 

Then he threw her phone off the balcony.

Finally Celina claims that Trey demanded she go back into the bathroom and wait for him there. He then came into the bathroom, pushed her down and 'made her do some things'.

(During the video, Celina's underage friend was giggling about the situation the whole time).