Last Friday was Valentine's Day - a day where lovers show their appreciation for each other. Some people bought gifts for their loved ones, or flowers, or took them out to dinner.

MTO News has learned that popular Instagram model Brittany Razavi bout her man a $500K Rolls Royce.

You may remember Brittany, form her reality star Days. She starred on a few reality shows including Rock of a Love. 

Well on Friday, the beauty surprised her man - by getting the Valet to switch his real car for his new present.

And before y’all ask, MTO News has confirmed that the registration is under HIS NAME.

According to Brittany, ALL women should be buying their man expensive gifts. In her words, more women need to "step ya game up."


Here's the video showing it all go down

Brittanya Razavi has been able to parlay her appearance on a series of VH1 reality shows — including Rock of Love— into an online career. She made a series of television appearances and built up a massive following online, thanks in large part to her penchant for sharing very revealing photos.

Many of those pictures seem to flaunt the social media site’s no-nudity rules, showing Brittanya wearing wet t-shirts, see-through shirts, and almost entirely transparent bras that often show off her nipples. While Instagram famously takes down celebrity photos that bare too much — leading to some protests among those who believe that female nipples should be allowed if the site allows male nipples — the fact that none of Brittanya’s past photos have been deleted shows that she seems to have found an effective loophole.