Instagram Live Suspends Tory Lanez's Instagram Live

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Tory Lanez has been breaking the internet with his Instagram Live parties, but it seems that Instagram wants to shut down all of the fun and have suspended the feature on his account.

"Based on previous use of this feature, your account has been temporarily blocked from taking this action. This block will expire on 2020-04-14. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake," the social media platform wrote to him.

Lanez has already started a fresh new Instagram account for him to continue his shenanigans.

"This is crazy at this point ... I had 350k live, Instagram cut me off," Lanez said in a video posted after the ban. "I made a whole brand new page n*ggas ain't never heard of ... I just got to 100,000, Instagram shut me off."

He's now kicked off a #FreeTory campaign on social media to urge the platform to lift the ban.