Instagram has been left confused by a recent video of reality television star, Nikki Mudarris aka Miss Nikki Baby.

In the video, Nikki appears to show off her physique and her flat stomach, leaving very little to the imagination - but followers were puzzled as to why she was holding her breath.

Nikki is seen rocking a white crop top and black and white thong and poses in front of her mirror, but it is clear that she is holding onto her breath for dear life and looks close to passing out.

Instagram sounded off:

"Someone tell her to breathe before she pass out"

"She look like she can’t even breathe, bye 🥴😂"

"Just breatheeeeeee😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂"

"Did her mirror told her that pic was cute? Sis break that mirror you look distress..... exhale"

"Alexa play 🎶breath stretch shake let it go🎶"

"We wanna hear from the shaderoom do you REALLY...REALLY REALLY...think she is snatched ?"

"Lmao bouta pass out on the gram"

"This not cute where’s her neck 😂"

"Cocaine nights mixed with across the boarder plastic surgery"

She must have agreed with the comments. The video is not available on her page.