Breanna Amor's alleged surgery bill was leaked, showing that she paid $30K for her body.

Breanna is one of the most popular Instagram models on the web. She has hundreds of thousands of followers, many of the men who praise her for her curvy body.

But an angry ex-boyfriend took to social media yesterday and leaked what he claims is her "plastic surgery bill." The bill has Brianna's government name, Brianna Francisco, on it.

And the bill has a long list of procedures on it, including stomach liposuction, butt fat grafting, and "curve cushioning." In all, the procedures were estimated to take nearly 10 hours in surgery.

And the cost of the procedures - an estimated $28,000 plus tax.

Here is the alleged receipt, showing how much Brianna allegedly paid for her body parts:


And here are alleged pics of Brianna before she got the work done:


Here's what she looks like now - from her Instagram page: