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Insta-THOTTIE Celina Powell Has A Warrant . . . Police Offer REWARD For Her Capture!!


Last month insta-thot Celina Powell made national news, for exposing her alleged affair with married rapper Snoop Dogg. And it wasn't Celina's first time exposing a celebrity she was sleeping with. Last year Celina exposed Cardi B's husband Offset for cheating with her. At he time, Celina lied and claimed that Offset impregnated her.

Well now its time for Celina to be exposed. According to online reports, Celina has an outstanding warrant. One of her associates took to social media earlier in the week to expose the popular insta-thot.

The woman claims that Celina is wanted for "theft" and "jumping bail." The woman also claims that there is a reward for information that leads to her capture. The woman did not specify whether she was offering the reward or the city of Aurora, Colorado (where the charges stem from).

Celina has so far not responded to the allegations against her.


Just last month, Snoop released a trailer for his upcoming show, Clout Chasers, which features Celina, the model. In the trailer, Celina can be seen admitting that she faked a pregnancy and lied about Offset being the daddy. Snoop seems to use this clip as proof that she’s also allegedly lying about their relationship as well. But, as HollywoodLife previously revealed, Celina has shared screen grabs of text messages and FaceTime calls that she alleges are with Snoop all over social media. Now, she’s doubling down on her claims that they had an affair, by spilling all the intimate details. 

But the HollywoodLife report continues to say that, "HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, “Clout Chasers is fake. He did not set me up, I set him up. I wasn’t even going to put him on blast until he did me wrong, and left me on the curb to get my own (Uber) ride.”