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MTO EXCLUSIVE: Insta-THOTS Are NO LONER Going To DUBAI . . . To Get POOPED On . .. They're Going To NIGERIA . . . And DOING THIS TO RICH MEN!!!

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Remember all the reports of Insta-thotties going to DUBAI - and having rich Arabs POOP on them? Well that was ALL THE RAGE in 2017.

But in 2018 - there's a new THOT HUSTLE . .. and it's in Nigeria.

According to a POPULAR Instagram MADAME, Nigeria is quickly becoming the GOTO spot . .. for Insta-thotties looking to prostitute themselves DISCREETLY.

Here's what the MADAME told exclusively:

Girls still go to Dubai, but that's an old lick. Eastern European and Brazilian girls are now going there for a few hundred dollars. They f*cked the game up.

The new lick is in NIGERIA. There are a bunch of EXTREMELY wealthy (billionaires) there, and a lot of rich men that are comfortable tricking of tens of thousands on p***y.

The only thing is that these Nigerian [rich] men have a fetish. They like their bootys eaten. Almost every man that contacts me says that the girls have to be ready to eat butt.

So what is the going rate for a thottie to fly to Nigeria? The madame told us:

It's All expenses paid, $2,500 a day (with a three-day minimum). But the girl has to eat booty.