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Insta-THOT Leaks EXPLICIT PICS . . . Of Rapper Dave East . . . EATING HER GROCERIES!!

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Rapper Dave East is the latest rapper to be exposed on social media. A popular insta-thot is claiming to have images of the NYC rapper - doing some explicit stuff to her. The woman - who is a popular dancer in New York allegedly LEAKED the images

And the pics quickly went viral. The pics don't show nudity, but they are nonetheless explicit in nature.

Here is the graphic image

Dave East hasn't yet commented on the image leak - but his fans have. Most of his female fans seem to LIKE the image - which shows Dave putting in work. One fan explained, "He's all the way in there, putting in work."

But Dave's male fan base isn't as complimentary. One male fan commented on the position of Dave's LEGS in the image. He commented, "You gonna cramp up with your legs like that bruh."

Here is the graphic image

Dave has one baby's mother. In the past the two have fought over social media... Back in 2017, Dave decided to put his BM on blast, calling her out as a dead beat, after she apparently called the police on him.

"Kairi Chanel Brewster was on born on March 9 2016. Her mother Milagrito Colon has never purchased Enfamil, diapers, any hospital costs etc.," he wrote on Instagram. "Yesterday, she brought 10 police officers to my home where I live telling them I kidnapped my own child...She tells the police I'm on drugs, I'm a gang member and my father's on drugs." It doesn't appear that the ploy worked. According to the MC's post, when the officers found out the child lived with him, they made Colon leave and apologized. "She isn't a suitable mother. I don't care how many Instagram fans she got now," he added.