Insta-THOT Goes Viral . . . T*mpon String Hanging Out . . . While Twerking LIVESTREAM!!

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A woman has gone viral - for embarrassing herself on Livestream. You see the woman was twerking for her fans (wearing underwear) - and her tampon strip slipped out.

The video has already gone viral, and has been viewed by millions of people. Not quite what the woman expected.

Here is the link to the video - warning GRAPHIC

The video starts out with the young lady twerking on Livestream - and almost immediately her fans realize something is wrong. They mention her mishap in the comments, and immediately the dancer's expression changes.


She reached back and confirmed that her tampon string was sticking out. Then afterwards, she turned off the Livestream. Her embarrassment was evident.


Here is the link to the video - warning GRAPHIC