Insta-THOT Gets Sued . . . For Allegedly S*xually Harassing A DOG!! (VIDEO)

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An Instagram model named Deyana Mounira has been hit with a lawsuit - by an angry dog owner named Tony Toutouni.

According to the lawsuit, the dog owner left the model alone with his dog, and she "sexually harassed hom." Furthermore, the owner claims that Deyana further exploited the dog by posting a video of the harassment on Instagram.

Here is the video:

Here's how TMZ is reporting

According to the lawsuit, Tony's filed against Deyana ... Hef stands about 5' when on his hind legs, while Deyana goes about 5'6". As Tony puts it, Deyana "began sensually playing with Hef; arousing Hef by playing with his genitals and masturbating him."

Tony says Hef was totally into it, and started mounting and thrusting and "even appeared to place his front legs on [her] buttocks."

In the suit, filed by attorney Ardy Pirnia, Tony says he told Deyana and the photog he did NOT want the footage on the Internet ... and they agreed. However, the video and photos showed up on her IG a couple days later.

The Instagram-Thot has 289K followers and is of Lebanese decent.