Dontrelle Inman - a wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts - just got "exposed" by an instagram model, claiming that he is carrying on an affair and abused her.

Dontrelle is married, and a friend of his alleged side chick made some explosive allegations against the baller, and then @'d his wife in the post.

The woman who "exposed" Dontrelle is a popular instagram model/dancer named Maddy. She claims that Dontrelle is having an affair with her friend, and that somehow he put hands on her.

It's not clear whether Maddy is alleging that she also had an affair with the NFL baller.

Allegations of domestic violence are taken extremely seriously by the NFL. The league claims that they independently investigate all allegations. One way of another, we will soon find out if Maddy's allegations are real.

The NFL doesn't usually investigate allegations of infidelity though, however.

Hopefully Dontrelle and his wife can clear those rumors up themselves.

Here is Maddy exposing him:

Here are some more pics of the instagram model:

Dontrelle Inman’s wife Jessica Inman is “the laces that keep the shoes tied”. That’s how Dontrelle describes her. I love that little saying. You can see on her face how down to earth she is. She seems very stable and rational to me. Dontrelle says she’s “the toothpaste that whitens his teeth,” which isn’t a description that’s going to land him in Poetry Monthly anytime soon. Regardless of the wacky analogies, these two seem to have a really good thing going. He wished her a happy birthday in March on social media. Jessica is also the mother of their child, who I believe is just named Dontrelle Jr.