Insta-THOT Admits She LIED About Offset Being Her BABY DADDY . . . Apologizes To Cardi B!!!

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Cardi B isn't a new step-mother after all. Last night, the popular instar-thottie Celina Powell told followers that she MADE UP HER ENTIRE PREGNANCY.

For months, Celina has been pretending to be pregnant with Cardi's fiance. She even went so far as to create a FAKE DNA TEST - which she claimed showed that she gave birth to Offset's baby.


Well two days ago, Celina's story began to unravel. And last night, after feeling pressure from everyone - she finally confessed.

Celina went on DJ Akademiks' Livestream and told everyone that she was "lying". She further explained that there "was no baby."

Celina also apologized to Cardi, for putting her through this mess.