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A beautiful Instagram model is claiming that she was pregnant with Floyd Mayweather's baby, but that she miscarried the child.

The model - whose name is Jen Duran told her fans that she was pregnant with the boxing superstar's baby. But the model claims that she "miscarried" Mayweather’s baby.

Jen told fans that ‘Money’ Mayweather was "aware of the situation." 

Jen may have missed out on more than just the life of her child - she missed out on a fortune. Floyd Mayweather is known to be extremely generous to the women around him - and even MORE GENEROUS towards his babys mothers.

Here are pics of Jen - and her statement:


Mayweather is gearing up for a possible return to the ring. New reports say that the greatest boxer in history may enter the ring again in 2019 - with a fight against a top UFC fighter. In his last fight, he brutally beat up former UFC champion Connor McGregor.