Insta-Model Gets EVICTED From Luxury Apt . . . For Wearing THONG In Community Pool!!

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A popular Instagram model named Chinese Kitty is being evicted from her luxury apartment, for being TOO SEXY. You see, Kitty lives in a very upscale apartment building - where most of the residents are professionals.

Chinese Kitty is a model/rapper who uses her sexuality to her advantage. And she's proud of her body. So she went to the complex' community pool wearing a skimpy bikini - like she always does.

While trying to cool off at the pool in the Miami heat, the Love & Hip Hop Miami cast member suddenly found herself in hot water. According to an Instagram post, she might even be facing eviction for her choice in swimwear. 

Well we found out that a bunch of female residents of the building COMPLAINED to management. Now it appears that Chinese Kitty is being EVICTED from her home.

According to Chinese Kitty she pays rent ON TIME and has otherwise abided by the terms of her lease.

Kitty also explained that she, "Came home to a f-ckin letter on my door threatening to evict me for 'inappropriate bathing suit,' 'disturbing the peace,' 'violating lease terms' GTFOH WITH THAT BULLSH-T."


According to a report from VH1, "She went on to say that this kind of notice is the result of people wanting to police what women wear and when they wear it. She also pointed out that there are much more important things to worry about than her booty. She wrote, "N---a only in America would they be so f-ckin worried about how and what a female can and can’t wear to a F-CKING POOL but not worried about these sick ass people shootin up places, Police killin us, border control on kids, etc and sh-t. I’m not hearing it. 🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️ I work to hard for my sh-t. You move into these 'nice places' for them to look at you like filth. It’s just pure discrimination. FOH! Been to the pool once been living here for three months."

Here are some pics of Chinese Kitty in a thong:

Chinese Kitty Pic #1

Chinese Kitty Pic #2