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Insecure actress Amanda Seales has been put on blast by her costar Sarunas J. Jackson after she went in on Issa Rae's longtime publicist and friend Vanessa Anderson on her podcast.

During a recent episode of Seales' podcast Small Doses, said the following about Anderson.

"She has never been nice to me, ever," Seales shared. "She's always had a curtness, and she's always seemed to be bothered simply by my demeanor, my way of communicating with her, etc. At a certain point, it became, 'Well, this is not someone I need to speak to because I don't work for her, she doesn't work for me. There's no reason for us to interact for all intents and purposes. So we don't."

Seales attended the Black Emmy's Party to find that her name was not on the list. After she entered the event and sat down, she was escorted out by the security team.

Seales feels she's been singled out, but according to Jackson, it was all on her:

"You can't be a disrespectful-ass human being and expect people to want to hang out with you," she tweeted. "It's quite simple. Sit it out."

Oop! We wonder what really went down?!