Inmates Sneak Heroin Into Prison - Then Overdose On IG LIVE!! - MTO News

Three California inmates reportedly suffered from drug overdoses, and it was all captured on video, MTO News has learned.

Here's the video - warning contains very GRAPHIC scenes

The three overdoses occurred after one inmate managed to smuggle a large amount of heroin into the prison. And the inmates went crazy consuming all the drugs.

In the video, the inmates can be seen sniffing line after line of the white powder, which is believed to have been cut with the deadly drug fentanyl.

And one inmate sniffed an 8 foot long line of the white substance.

That was a big mistake. Later in the video, three inmates are seen having a drug overdose.

California prison officials say that drug overdoses are up more than 50% in the last 3 years. And the drug of choice in California correctional institutes - heroin.

Here's the video - warning contains very GRAPHIC scenes