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Inmates Livestream MEXICAN Prison Gang Hit . . . A 'Snitch' Gets MURDER ON LIVE!!


MTO News has obtained some very DISTURBING footage - showing a Mexican prison gang hit. And the "hit" allegedly led to the death of an inmate.

The video begins as a group of inmates were Livestreaming from inside prison. - and all of a sudden a hit takes place in the background. The inmates film the entire incident, and provide commentary.

It turns out that the local MEXICAN GANG was attacking an inmate that they claim was a "snitch." And it didn't turn out well for the alleged snitch. Before the prison guards could break it up, the inmate was stabbed more than 20 times.


After about a minute of the inmate being STABBED RELENTLESSLY by a group of gang members carrying shanks - the guards finally break it up. Corrections officers shot tear gas and rubber bullets at the Mexican gangsters. Eventually they stopped stabbing the victim - but the damage was done.

MTO News learned that he later DIED from his injuries.