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An inmate was brutally assaulted this week - inside of Concordia Parrish Correctional Facility in Louisiana. And the brutal assault was livestreamed over Instagram Live.

Here is the graphic video

The prison has a no cellphone and a no streaming policy - but somehow inmates got their hands on a cellphone. And that's not all. The inmates also created an Instagram account for their prison block and Livestreamed an assault from that account.

The video shows an older inmate brutally beating a teenager, who he claims "stole guns." According to the OG, the teen caused one of the OG's little homies to get killed. And the OG was assaulting the teen, in retaliation.

The video is extremely brutal.

MTO News reached out to the Concordia Parrish Correctional Facility for comment. So far we have not received a response.

Here is the graphic video

The Concordia Parrish Correctional Facility is one of the most violent prisons in America.