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Inmate LIVESTREAMS Video . . . Of Female PRISON GUARD . . . GIVING HIM HE*D!!


A prison inmate has gone viral - and caused a stir across prisons everywhere. The inmate had one of the guards get on her knees and service him, then he streamed the video on SNAPCHAT.

The video only lasts a few seconds, but has caused quite a stir. The video was taken inside of France's Sequedin prison. While she was in charge of supervising a floor of the prison, a corrections officer supervisor, at Sequedin, stopped in front of a cell. The C.O. started talking to an inmate and, believing herself alone, kneels for a few moments and does her thing before leaving.

Little did the female guard know that the inmate was secretly filming her with a hidden phone and leaked the video shortly thereafter on Snapchat.

After the video was leaked, prison officials launched an immediate investigation . The management of the prison of Lille-Sequedin refused any comment as the investigation is ongoing.