Prison Inmate Becomes TikTok Star - Creates A Jailhouse Cooking Channel!!


Jeron Combs, a 21-year-old inmate inside a California jail has done the unthinkable - he's become a HUGE TikTok star.


Jeron, who goes by the name BlockBoyJMomey on TikTok, currently has 111.5K followers and 1.1M likes. That's pretty good, especially since he started his channel WHILE HE WAS INCARCERATED.

Jeron has a cooking channel. On it, he cooks up some pretty delicious looking treats, all from inside his jail cell. He can be seen making a stir fry, tacos, and even baking a cake (see above).

It's not clear how Deron was able to smuggle a cellphone into his prison, nor whether the corrections officers are in on his hustle - but it's pretty amazing.


MTO News reached out to members of Deron's family for comment - but they didn't respond to our inquiries. 

Here's the official California prison policy on inmates and cellphones:

Contraband cell phones are a growing problem in correctional facilities nationwide. The illegal use of these phones circumvents the monitoring processes in prisons, and helps inmates commit new crimes. Since modern cell phones can record video, take photographs, record conversations, and provide Internet access, inmates can use them to coordinate assaults and harass innocent people in the community.