Indiana Woman ADMITS . . . She Knew Boyfriend MOLESTED HER DAUGHTER!!!

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A 33-year-old mother from Indiana admitted to knowing that her boyfriend was molesting her 13 year old daughter. The women, whom MTO News has chosen not to identify - so as not to reveal the child victim, plead guilty to charges of neglect, aiding child molesting and assisting a criminal.

The 13 year old girl was repeatedly raped by her mother's boyfriend, and eventually had the sex offender's baby.

The boyfriend - Nicholas Deon Thrash, 34, was sentenced to 160 years imprisonment on last Thursday on ten counts.

Thrash, 34, was sentenced to 160 years imprisonment on Thursday. The mom was sentenced to 20 years, followed by five years of probation.

The woman admitted during Tuesday’s hearing that her daughter told her that the boyfriend, 34-year-old Nicholas Deon Thrash, was molesting her, yet continued to let him live with them, the Chronicle Tribune reported. The woman did not report the molestation or her daughter’s pregnancy to authorities.

She also moved from Georgia to Indiana with Thrash and kept living him.

Prosecutors were pleased with the plea deal as it meant the girl was spared the the emotional and psychological toll of having to testify against her own mother during the trial, which would have started in a few weeks.

The daughter currently lives in foster care.