A 20 year old A Michigan woman named India Mackey is dead after she live-streamed her boyfriend, as he appeared to be loading his gun and threatening her with the weapon.

It was the last video that she would ever record. Because according to police, shortly after the video - India was shot and killed.

India Mackey tragically died one day after her 20th birthday in what prosecutors are calling a fatal domestic violence dispute.

Her boyfriend, 18 year-old Kevin Dixon was charged with first-degree murder, carrying a concealed weapon and felony firearm for his girlfriend’s death. 

Kevin was scheduled to be arraigned last Thursday and is currently being held without bail, local station KWTX reported on Sunday.

In the video Kevin appears to be saying that he planned on murdering India. But India didn't seem frightened. Instead, she called Kevin's bluff - "daring" him to shoot her.

Here's the video: