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India Love appears to be happy in love with her hot new flame, Sheck Wes - but her fans are far from happy with her new choice in bae and continue to chew her out whenever she posts an image of him on her page.

In a recent post on Instagram, India posted several pictures of her in a club standing beside Sheck - but many of her fans are disgusted that she would hook up with an alleged woman beater and continue to full up her comments with warnings to the aspiring rap star.

Here are a few of the comments from concerned fans:

"You can literally do so much better sis 🤦🏾‍♀️"

"Oh you tryna get beat beat 😭"

"He beats wom- nvm"

"Smh endorsing a domestic abuser You look beyond dumb and the message you're sending is beyond toxic smh"

"Is that the guy who beat on Justine skye ?"

"She gets with any BLACK famous loser and poses semi nude on Instagram for validation and likes yet will be quoting bible quotes in her Snapchat. 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 And now she's running around with a well known abuser because she cracks decorum and sense an will do anything to showcase how much of a weak woman she is. No wonder her relationships fail because she has the worst taste in men. Only a man as ruined as @sheckwes can take you seriously, he's probably using you to feel an empty void. @indialove"

Should she be worried or are her followers overreacting? Let us know.