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NBA star Iman Shumpert and his R&B songstress wife Teyana Taylor are one of the most popular couples in the world, well....maybe... the black celebrity world.

And it appears that all may not be well in the Shumpert/Taylor household. This past weekend, a blog released pics that they claim shows Iman "cheating" on his gorgeous wife Teyana.

The pictures, which you can see below, show Iman and his brother attending Halloween Horror Nights in Los Angeles, with two exotical girls. The blog calls their outing a "double date."

Here are the pics of the married Iman that's causing such a stir online:


The blog suggests though that Iman seeing other women may not be an issue for his wife Teyana and that perhaps Teyana and Iman may have an "open" marriage. The blog told it's readers, "Not that teyana cares or anything 😂 "


In the past, Teyana has openly admitted to engaging in threesomes with Iman. During a recent visit to Hot 97, she opened up about allowing other women into their bed. “I think that’s the mix up. People [think] like everyday we taking down b*tches down. That’s not that. It be those times…like when we on vacation, our anniversary, like certain times [only].”

Taylor also admitted that she's bisexual. “People think it’s a thing like ‘you’re doing it to keep your husband’ or ‘you’re doing it because you’re giving him what he wants’. Like what if it’s my idea?” she explained.

So far neither Teyana nor Iman have responded to the "cheating" rumors.