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Iggy Azalea's back-up dancers are seen enjoying a day on Barra da Tijuca beach in Rio de Janeiro. 

During last nights concert in Rio, one of Iggy's dancers had a seizure and collapsed on stage. Surprisingly, instead of stopping to get the dancer aid, Iggy continued to perform.

Iggy spoke out about the incident yesterday and told fans that she thought her dancer had just fallen, and that is why she continued the performance.

Iggy then reassured fans that the dancer is ok and had a seizure because of the lights and heat at the concert.

And we now have confirmation that all her dancers are fine. Actually, they're all better than fine . . . 

The Australian rapper was slammed for continuing her performance on stage during a Brazilian concert on Thursday, despite noticing her backup dancer had collapsed on the floor and began suffering a seizure.


And on Friday, Iggy Azalea cut a solitary figure as she shared her first post on Instagram since the shocking incident.

Posing by the ocean in her activewear, the Fancy hit-maker shared 'I love Brazil', but some fans were not willing to share the love back.

Iggy was blasted by fans after her seemingly callous reaction to continuing on with her show when the dancer collapsed to the floor and suffered a seizure.

The scary event happened while Iggy performed her song Black Widow, with the singer saying she initially kept performing and requested a medic to the stage, not realizing the severity of the situation.