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Iggy Azalea SHOCK PICS . . . Sitting On A Chair . . . And Booty Hanging DOWN TO THE FLOOR!


Iggy Azalea was photo'd doing press for the popular south Florida radio station - 97.3 in Hollywood, Florida. She was promoting her new music while visiting Hits Live at the radio station. At first glance Iggy looked great.

But when you look more closely at the image, you see how her butt seems to be DRIPPING off the edge of the chair . . . and hanging near the ground. People looking at the pic almost immediately noticed the hanging booty - and they WENT IN.

Here are some of the more rude comments:

Her booty came through drippin - drip dip [Cardi voice]

What happened to her butt it looks like Play Do


After doing press for the day Iggy was seen twerking off of a boat. The 28-year-old star flaunted her bountiful bosom and pert derriere in a zebra print bikini that left little to the imagination. 

According to The Daily Mail:

As if to show off her dancing abilities, the Black Widow songstress grabbed on to the wall of the boat and began to break it down. 

Her pert derriere wiggled back and forth as she attempted the popular twerk movement where one shakes their posterior with aplomb. 

She bent over and placed her hands on her knees to give her balance during the scintillating display of rhythm.