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EXCLUSIVE: Iggy Azalea Releases SEXY PICS . . . Of Her Wearing . . . A THONG TH-THONG THONG THONG!!!


Iggy Azalea has a new album coming out. You know what that means – EXPLICIT PICS.
Enjoy . . .

Iggy Azalea, who used to make headlines for her controversial tweets, recently took to Twitter once again to send a short and not so sweet remarks about men being accountable for their actions.

“I promise you; only 0.001% of men actually hold themselves to same level of accountability they hold women. Especially when romance is concerned. Boy. Bye. Baiiiiiii. Bbbb I – I can’t.”

It’s not entirely clear why she decided to lash out in this way, as her tweets prior to this were about her current single, “Savior” featuring Migos rapper Quavo. Despite huncho’s presence, the single is still struggling to create any major buzz.

So, with the single’s flop (and considering some of her huge Billboard placements, it is a flop) what better way to create buzz than to strip down and bare it all? Bikini pics anyone?

Not that anybody is complaining. She looks fantastic, and Iggy has always been in amazing shape. That’s how she snagged ASAP Rocky and NBA baller, Nick Young.

We’re doubtful that these pics will help to boost sales. Nobody’s really checking for her music like that. Not since she was dropped and abandoned by T.I. who really force-fed Iggy to us.

Check out the sizzling pics below!

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Here is the UNCENSORED pic