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Iggy Azalea Released MORE Nekkid Pics . . . As Her Followers Nearly DOUBLE!!!


Iggy Azaela has been on  constant campaign to increase her social media visibility. Over the past few months, she's released more than a dozen nude pics of herself. And her campaign is working. Iggy grew her following from about 5 million to more than 12 million on the popular social media platform Instagram.

On Friday, Iggy thrilled her fans when she stripped off and went completely naked to celebrate the release of her new album, "Survive The Summer."

And her latest nude images are the most "artistic" that she's released yet. The images show her completely naked - except she's carrying a $2,000 green Prada purse Iggy's female fans love the images because she's carrying an aspiration purse - and shows off her confidence by being nude. In the racy image, Iggy wears just neon accessories including the bag and a pair of matching stilettos.

'Queen,' one follower commented underneath the snap.

Another added: 'Prada is a girls best friend.'

The Australian star - who hails from Australia - recently released her new single Kream, which is featured on the new album. The blonde collaborated with rapper Tyga on the track.

Last month, before making her musical comeback, Iggy thanked fans for their support and admitted that she 'felt like giving up' at times.

In an Instagram live video, she said their supportive messages got her through.

'It's a very unfortunate feeling we feel sometimes in ourselves where we question if we've seen the best of our lives', she candidly stated.

'I feel like I'm finally getting to put out music I want to put out.'

And Iggy's male fans like the pics because - well - because she's naked in them. The pics are very high quality, and were taken by a very talented photographer.

Here's the FIRST pic

Here's the SECOND pic

Here's the THIRD pic