Iggy Azalea shared a snippet of an upcoming track via her Instagram page, and social media doesn't hate it.

The track seems to be called Sally Walker. Of course, Iggy is rapping with her trademark 'Blaccent,' and if you can get past that cringy, faux-southern accent then it's not too bad.

Here are some of the lyrics:

"Little Sally Walker uh, she get proper on/Bend it over make it wobble uh, gotta lotta buns/ Pick it up and drop it uh, for the proper funds/ Bend a thang and make the perfect com(?)/ Get them dollar hun"

The two of her Black pal started to twerk in the background as Iggy mimed along to the song.

Social media reactions to the song were mixed but seemed mostly positive.

What do y'all think of the new snippet?