Iggy Azalea: 'Nicki Minaj Is A HATER . . . Who Tried To STOP MY BAG'!!!

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Iggy Azalea is coming out BLASTING Nicki Minaj, and teaming up with Cardi against the top selling female hip hop artist. According to Iggy, Nicki is a "hater" who tried to stop her bag.

Iggy sent some direct messages to one of her fans - exposing the HATER ACTIONS that she claims that Nicki did to her.

Iggy landed a high profile Monster Headphones Super Bowl ad this year. It was BIG, and HIGH PROFILE, and paid her more than $1M. She claims that when Nicki found out about Iggy's deal - she tried to DESTROY THE OPPORTUNITY for Iggy.

The blonde booty rapper said that Nicki called Monster and tried to get them to "re-consider" hiring Iggy, because she was embroiled in an alleged homophobic scandal - when old Tweets of hers were discovered.

Lucky for Iggy, the company didn't listen to Nicki, and she got the deal anyway.

Here ar ether DMs, where Iggy spilled the tea:


Nicki has been SPIRALING lately and doing anything she can to keep attention on her. You know she had a HUGE incident with Cardi B, but don't forget that during her album rollout she also had drama with a lot of others:

Since the album drop, Nicki has beefed with multiple “Love and Hip Hop” stars. Things popped off after she called out DJ Self on Twitter.

She claims Self trashed Cardi to her before she went on air to promote her album. But after she refused to do a drop for Self, he got on the radio and said Cardi’s album is better than Nicki’s.

This led to a fallout with MariahLynn, Dreamdoll and Jessica Dime.

Then of course Nicki had a war of words on Twitter with Safaree after she accused him of stealing her credit card.