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Iggy Azalea sat down for a recent interview, where she addressed criticisms of her appropriating Black culture and her God-awful "Blaccent."

According to Iggy, she's not worried about the critics anymore, telling Cosmopolitan that cultural appropriation is "subjective."

"You could ask one person of the same race, 'Does this affect you?' and they will say yes," she explains. "But another person will say no. They could be from the same place, same everything, but have different perspectives about it."

"I'm still going to make the same type of music and still be ridiculous and larger than life," she says. "So I can't be that f*cking sorry about it."

Evidently. She's still using her "Blaccent," and her music is clearly aimed at the Black community, using Black women as props in her videos, but in Trump's America, you are allowed to be bold and racially obtuse.

Good to know, Iggy.