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Iggy Azalea Goes FULL THOT . . . Leaks Nekkid Pics On Social Media!!

Iggy Azalea's latest attempt at career revival is getting more and more X-rated. For moths she's been posting sexier and sexier pics online - in hopes to generate buzz.

And last night she went FULL THOT-TLE. Iggy leaked her own nudes - under the guise of releasing some "fashion" pics.

Just two years ago, Iggy was one of the hottest acts in the world. But now - she's all washed up. And all her stunts are failing.

In January, Iggy tried to generate buzz by staging a fake "relationship" with rapper Tyga. The press quickly saw through her fake relationship - and the stunt backfired on her.

Here's what she's doing now:

Here are the nekkid images:

First Pic

Second Pic

And here are some other pics of her in a VERY revealing bikini:

Here's the First Pic

Here's the Second pic

Here's the Third Pic

It was later revealed that the photos that Iggy took were for the viral Instagram store Fashion Nova. 

The Fancy hit-maker, 28, posed completely naked, wearing only a pair of cotton socks and strappy heels, in what’s believed to be a sexy new campaign for Fashion Nova.

The online store, known for body-con styles and crop-tops, is a favourite of Kylie Jenner and Cardi B (who is designing a clothing line for the brand), and has a cult following on Instagram.

According to reports and our EYES, it’s not the first time Azalea has starred in a racy shoot for the social media-led, affordable clothing label. She has previously posed in Fashion Nova lingerie, including a racy leopard print bra and sheer one-piece.

Last year, Iggy — who has long been accused of having a lot of cosmetic enhancements — denied having butt implants.

“No I don’t have bum implants,” Azalea told a Brisbane radio station. (LOL)

“They aren’t my real boobs, but it is my real bum.”