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Iggy Azalea Gets Her Skin Chemically 'DARKENED'; Now Looks LATINA!!

Iggy Azalea was recently called out for "Blackfishing" or changing her skin color in her new music video. Well MTO News has learned that eher skin color changes may be permanent.

As soon as she dropped the video for "I Am the Strip Club" people were very quick to call out the rapper for what some are calling Black face, others are calling Blackfishing.

Her skin was noticaby different - and much darker - in the video:


Well MTO News learned that her skin color change is permanent. Iggy was spotted out yesterday in Los Angeles looking much darker than usual.

Many are now accusing the actress of chemically "darkening" her skin, possibly by using pills.

Darkening pills, which are popular in Japan, use a food-coloring additive called canthaxanthin. When you ingest this color additive, it purportedly releases pigment-changing compounds in your skin, and long-term use will make your skin turn darker.

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Still, not all tanning methods are created equal. While actual tanning in the sun causes melanin in your skin to darken, tanning pills work from the inside out, releasing the color additives throughout your skin. The result ends up looking more orange compared to the coveted bronze tint many tanning hopefuls look for.

Tanning pills, hoever, can change the color of extremely fair skinned people - who are unable to darken themselves naturally.

Here's what's she looks like after the melanin adding procedure:


And for contrast, this is what's he used to look like - vern after spending days in the sun: