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Iggy Azalea is getting blasted on social media, for continuing her concert, while her backup dancer has a seizure on stage. This occurred in her concert last night, in Rio De Janeiro.

In the video, which was aired on television, you see Iggy's dancer having a seizure during a recent concert -  when the lights start flashing. The female rapper notices the medical emergency, almost immediately.

But Iggy doesn't stop performing. Instead, she yells into the mic that we "need a medic", and continues her performance. She doesn't even miss a beat.

At one point it looks like Iggy even steps over the seizuring dancer so that she could walk across the stage and rap.

Here's the video:

Iggy Azalea is being called "callous" and "mean" and blamed for putting her dancer at risk, by continuing the performance.

After taking a ton of heat for her actions Iggy released a statement saying:

It appears Iggy's been taking tons of heat for continuing to sing in the midst of her backup dancer having a seizure, saying, "It feels like ANY thing I do becomes an opportunity for people to tell me why I'm s***, why my music sucks, my clothes are ugly, why I don't matter or why I'm a horrible person. I'm worn down." She goes on to say, "Everyone is just trying to make it through their day. Could we be a little kinder to each other? Seeing how much people enjoy being awful to one another is depressing."