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Last week, rumors popped up online that female rapper Iggy Azalea was pregnant, with her boyfriend Playboi Cartoi's baby. 

Well now MTO News can officially confirm those reports.

Yesterday, Iggy stepped out at a concert in Sao Paulo Brazil - and couldn't hide her tummy.

Iggy typically wears next to nothing at concerts. But last night, she chose to perform in an outfit with a large belt - covering her stomach.

Then after the concert, she took pics wearing a pant suit - that was extra baggy and designed to hide her stomach.

But at one point, she turned to the side, and her pregnancy bulge was visible. One of her fans managed to capture that moment on video.

Here are pics of Iggy's belly from the side. You can clearly see a baby bump:


And here she is performing on stage, with a giant belt around her waist:

The romance between Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti began after the two of them met in 2018. Shortly after their meeting, they started living together in Atlanta. This will be Iggy's first child, and Playboi's 4th.

The theory that the celebrity might be expecting a child first started circulating the Internet around July when the rapper was a guest on the talk show The X Change Rate, where she appeared with a massive diamond ring on her left hand.

During the show, Iggy was asked by the host, Monet X Change, if she was in a relationship, which she confirmed.

Before her reported engagement to Playboi Carti, Iggy was previously involved with Nick Young, and the two of them were even planning on tying the knot.