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Rappers Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti celebrated Christmas together in Mexico. The couple shared a luxury villa while vacationing south of the border during Christmas holidays.

The couple started dating officially in the fall. At first, they were spotted sneaking around Los Angeles clubs together. Eventually the two decided to come clean, and publicly announce their relationship.

Playboy Carti, known for singles such as "Broke Boi" and "Fetti," is one of the hottest rappers despite never having an official mixtape or album release.

Iggy Azalea is a platinum selling hip hop artist, who is known for dating African American celebrities. 

In the strange world of celebrity - Iggy's last boyfriend was Tyga and Playboi's last girlfriend was Black Chyna. Chyna and Tyga, as you know, have a son together.


Very recently Playboi asked Iggy to show off her new hairstyle, an intricate set of cornrows. Perhaps the apparent stiffness was due to the braids' tightness as opposed to a feeling of shyness. 

Hot New HipHop's report said that:

Fans who have commented on the clip don't seem to be feeling the new 'do. Some say that her demeanor might be based on her own knowledge of her awkward appearance. There were also comments about the alleged lack of skill displayed on her head. Many criticized the pair for getting a mediocre stylist, considering both of their financial successes. One social media user said they could have at least "dipped" the braids, which would have given the hair a softer appearance. Others simply laughed it off Playboi Carti's attempt to transform Iggy into "hood barbie."