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IG Star 'Spoken Reasons' Claims Ex-Partner Emmanuel Hudson Is GAY!!

IG stars Spoken Reasons and Emmanuel Hudson are two of the first ever social media influencers. The two comedians burst onto the scene in 2012, with a video that now has over 66 million views on Youtube. 

(see the video above)

At the time, the video seemed like it would kick off an instant tag team comedy duo, but that unfortunately never happened. 

Leaving many fans to wonder what happened to the two, and even many years later it seemed as though those answers would never come. 

But now Spoken Reasons, is talking about their split and is claiming that his partner's alleged sexuality may have caused the split. Spoken Reasons claims that Emmanuel is gay - and he used many gay slurs against his partner - calling him a 'f*gg*t.'

The two had a chance to come face to face last week on Nick Cannon's Wild N' Out show. And Emmanuel gave Spoken Reasons that work.


But afterwards, Spoken Reasons took to IG Live, and seemed to want all the smoke.

Here's the original clip with the two: