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IG Star Heather Rose 'Sextape' Leak: Twitter Says 'V*Gina Is Deformed'! (Graphic)


Heather Rose, an extremely popular Instagram star and model whose beauty, fashion and makeup line have amassed her millions of social media followers, is trending on Twitter worldwide today, MTO News has learned.

That's because someone leaked an old sex tape of hers. The video is extremely graphic - and shows an extreme close up view of her private area. 

And the news is far worse for Heather, beyond the leak. Folks on Twitter are saying that her lady parts are extremely "ugly" and possibly even "deformed."

Here is a link to the Twitter Search of Heather Rose


Thousands of Twitter users who have seen the video were mocking Heather.

Heather responded to the leak by suggesting that one of her ex-boyfriends leaked the video onto social media. While she did not specifically name the man whom she believed leaked the image, Heather was known to have dated Los Angeles rapper Gunna.

Here's Heather's response to the leak:

Here are some of the comments on Twitter:

Here is a link to the Twitter Search of Heather Rose