IG Model Draya Out For 1st Time Since FIRED By Rihanna; Megan Fans ROAST HER Badly!!


Instagram model Draya is beautiful, has an amazing body, and was one of the top models for Rihanna's Fenty brand. But as MTO News reported, Rihanna fired Draya after she made light of Megan Thee Stallion getting shot (allegedly) by her ex-boyfriend Tory Lanez.

Well yesterday, the paparazzi caught up with her as she stepped out to do some shopping.

As usual, Draya looked amazing. Her face, hair, and outfit all looked great. And her body was as stunning as ever.

But Megan fans were not impressed by the pics and began comparing Draya to various species of birds.

Here are pics of the beauty:


Here are the comments about Draya from angry Megan Thee Stallion fans:

One known Megan Thee Stallion fan became a commentator and re-posted the picture, with the caption "what type of bird species is this."

Here are some of the responses that he received:

Looks like tweety

A plucked ostrich

A dodo bird

A stuffed turkey. Stuffed with silicone

Why her neck so long. She looks more like a giraffe