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IG Model Makes Explosive Claim: Her Blonde Friend Is 'Cheating' w/ LeBron James!!

There's a bit of a scandal brewing on social media. A beautiful Instagram model is making an extraordinary and unproven claim that her former best friend, who is also an IG model has been "cheating" with the very married NBA superstar LeBron James.

Both women are Caucasian and are popular Instagram influencers.

The "snitch" is named Erza Haliti and she is currently married to an NFL player, the Denver Broncos Nick Vannett.

Erza posted a picture on her IG Live, claiming - without proof - that her friend has been "cheating" with LeBron. She did not specify exactly what her friend and LeBron have allegedly been doing that constitutes "cheating."

But here's what she posted:


Erzi put her IG famous ex-gal pal on blast and tagged her in the story. Erzi and the woman, who goes by the name Sofia More, used to be friends - but reportedly had a falling out. And that fallout caused Erza to levy the "cheating" claims against her pal.

Sofia has not responded directly to the claim, other than to say that she was “hurt” by it.

Here are pics of Sofia - some of which show her sitting courtside at Lakers games:

And here she is, without makeup: