Social media star Ari Fletcher is lashing out against female rapper Megan Thee Stallion. According to Ari, Megan is a "catfish" - or a person that looks better on IG, than in real life.

Both ladies attended the Roc Nation Brunch on Saturday and according to social media chatter - Ari was talking mess about Megan all afternoon, telling people that Megan looked better on IG than in person.

Then after it was over, Ari posted a subtle jab at Megan. She just posted the word "catfish." 

Taking to her Twitter account to live tweet her experience at the brunch, Ari caught people's attention when she wrote in one of her posts, "MFs catfish." The ex-girlfriend of G Herbo (previously known as Lil Herb) didn't name names in her tweet, but given that both her and Megan were in the event, many suspected that she was talking about the Hot Girl Summer.

And fans on Twitter immediately knew who Ari was talking about.



To get an idea of what both women look like. This is a picture of Ari, taken last weekend - at XL Nightlife Elizabeth (photos by Todd DeChalus)


Compare her to Megan, who definitely looks a lot better on her IG than in paparazzi pics:


People started calling her "messy" because of that, with some warning her not to post something like that again or it would only backfire. "Don't do it Ari you been doing good," someone advised. "Ari shhh they not gonna let u go anywhere else," another echoed.

"She prolly talking abt Megan cus in her own pics she looked good but in everybody else pics/videos it was a different story," one person suspected, while another convinced individual wrote, "She talking about meg y'all because I heard she looks nothing like ig in person."