Idris Elba's FIANCE . . . Photo'd In A THONG BATHING SUIT . . . The Body Is CRAZY!!

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Idris Elba and his fiancée Sabrina Dhowre are on a yacht vacation in the Spanish seas, sailing around the White Isle of Ibiza on Monday. And the paparazzi managed to sneak a few pics from their supposedly private vacation.

And the pics are AMAZING. Sabrina's body is even better than we imagined. And Idris looks great too. He's got that GROWN MAN SEXY SAUCE drippin' out of his pores.

The images show Sarinea in a White tasteful - but VERY revealing bathing suit. As MTO News reported before, Sabrina's body is 100% natural. She did not have any sort of butt augmentation whatsoever.

The couple is expected to be wed later this year in a large ceremony in London. We're told that even a few ROYAL plan on attending.

Here is the FIRST pic

here is the SECOND pic

Here is the THIRD pic

Here is the FOURTH pic

Here is the FIFTH pic

MTO News reported back in March that Idris' fiance is very WELL ENDOWED. 

Idris posted pics of him earlier this year, grabbing onto Sabrina's ample posterior. Almost immediately there were comments on the pic - suggesting that Sabrina's body parts may be augmented.

So MTO News reached out to one of Sabrina's best friends and asked whether her cakes were real. Here is the response we received:

Yes everything about Sabrina is real. She is a natural beauty. Please shut down these rumors about her, she does NOT, I repeat does NOT have plastic surgery. Everything you see was given to her by God.