Idris Elba's new wife Sabrina leaked some images on Instagram this morning - that has fans of the couple a bit perplexed.

Every time that we've seen Sabrina out on public, she's wearing a wig. And she typically looks fantastic.

This morning, the beauty decided to show off her real hair - so she took her wig off in front of the camera. And what was underneath her wig - has fans all over the world buzzing.

The images were pretty surprising. Sabrina's forehead was much bigger than expected, and her edges were . . . well NON-EXISTENT!!

Here are the images:


And here are some of the comments, taken form her page:

That’s a lot of forehead.

God bless her fivehead.

that’s BEYOND edgeless, she’s balding

looks like a halloween wig - bish has the pennywise hairline

She can afford to have that procedure so it’s no Biggie