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Idris Elba's Fiance Shows Off Her DONK . . . And It's 100% NATURAL!! (Silicone Free)


Actor Idris Elba was spotted out last night in London, with his fiancé Sabrina. The two are scheduled to get married this fall. And so they are enjoying their last days as single people.

Idris - who, at 45, is 16 years older than his 29-year-old fiancée - cut a slick appearance in a simple black T-shirt, jeans and a baseball cap as he exited Fitzrovia nightclub Libertine with his third-wife-to-be.

Sabrina stole the show with her AMAZING look. Not only is her face gorgeous - her body is amazing. And get this - she's 100% natural - very rare in this day and age.

Idris had previously told fans that he would never get married - then he met Sabrina and became smitten. He later told a UK magazine, 'I fell in love. That's it... I just feel in love and want to be with that person for the rest of my life. And marriage is a nice commitment to someone, especially when you've said, "I'm not getting married again."'


The couple's appearance comes after Idris told The Observer Magazine that he was having a midlife crisis of sorts, staring down the barrel of 50 and panicking about losing his youth.

The Wire star - who is tipped to be the next James Bond - has been pursuing new experiences as a result, saying: 'There comes a time when you get to 40, 45, where you're like, "Oh s**t, I'm losing my youth, I'm facing 50." You're on this cusp and it's not like you can make new experiences so much, because you've probably covered it all.

'So part of this journey of digging deeper into my fears is the idea that I'm getting older. I'm probably annoying to people going, "F****** hell, he never sits still." But we all die, we've got plenty of time to sit still.'