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Actor Idris Elba is engaged, but his fiancee wasn't his date to the Golden Globes last night. 

The actor was caught by the paparazzi stumbling out of a Golden Globes after party, holding hands with a beautiful woman.

The woman with Idris was not his fiancé Sabrina, and iniftially the paparazzi thought they caught the actor creeping.

Idris Elba was seen stumbling outside Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood - trying his best to stay upright as he held hands with the beautiful woman. 

But the woman that he was with was his daughter Isan, 16, and the two left the party together - hopping into a waiting SUV.

Here are pics:


And here are pics of Idris fiancé:


In other Idris news, Daniel Craig — who has portrayed James Bond since 2006 — had a run-in with Elba, who has long been the subject of casting rumors regarding who will next play the iconic character.

According to People Magazine: 

Speculation over who will take over the Bond reigns has been rampant since Craig announced he’d be completing his tenure as the British agent in next winter’s 25th franchise film.

Rumors of the Luther star picking up Craig’s ammunition first began during the Sony Pictures leak in 2014, when an email from senior executive Amy Pascal allegedly revealed she wanted him to star as the next British secret agent.