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Actor Idris Elba's daughter Eisan, and his ex-wife Kim will both appear on the Atlanta Housewives - MTO News can confirm.

Don't worry guys, it's nothing scandalous. Eisan happens to be Kandi's daughter Riley's best friend. And MTO News has confirmed that Eisan will appear in at least two episodes of the Atlanta Housewives this season. Her mom Kim will join her also.

Riley and Eisan are both 17 years old. The two girls attend the same private high school in Atlanta - and have been best friends for many years.

Riley will be featured more on the upcoming season than ever. And some at Bravo believe that she may even graduate into a full cast member in a few years. 

Idris daughter Eisan and her mom both appear as background characters.


And here's Eisan with her gorgeous mother Kim: