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Actor Idris Elba is BLASTING Cardi B, calling the female rapper "stupid." The beef between Idris and Cardi was started by Cardi, when she suggested that many celebrities with the coronavirus - like Idris - were being paid to say they were infected.

According to Cardi, the coronavirus epidemic may all be "fake."

Cardi explained to her fans, "I see a celebrity come out and say, I have the coronavirus, but I don't have no symptoms [and you should] stay home." Cardi says that it "sounded like a flat tummy tea commercial."

Cardi later suggested that the celebrities - like Idris - were being "paid" to say they had the coronavirus.

Well Idris is now fighting back against Cardi B's misinformation - and he calls her stupid.

Idris told his fans, "The notion that someone like me is getting paid to say I have the coronavirus is bullish*t, just stupidness.  . . And people who say it are stupid."

Shots fired . . . . we wonder what Cardi's gonna do now: